Fr. Vladimir Vranic

"Gracanica" Serbian Orthodox Church

1960 Meldrum Road ~  Windsor  Ontario 

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The Pavlica family joined our membership almost six decades ago. Sister Danica Pavlica became a very active and supportive member of the “Gracanica” Congregation and CSS “Princess Helen” as well as holding some administrative positions. Since reaching her 90’s, it is natural that her involvement started to slow down. Since her husband recently passed away she was even more confined to her home.

Longtime members and supporters of CSS “Princess Helen” are respected and appreciated by the sisters. This was obvious to all of us who attended the last fundraising luncheon. CSS held a luncheon at lower hall after the Liturgy. They used this occasion to also make it a special day for sister Danica on her birthday. Sister’s president Rayna Dobrich made a birthday cake and knowing that due to bad weather sister Danica would not be able to come. Rayna asked her “right hand man” Mirko Dobrich to bring sister Danica to the luncheon.

This birthday party for her 91st birthday was a small appreciation for her long time support. Sister Danica was overwhelmed with the surprise party, birthday cake and received numerous hugs and birthday wishes from attendees. When we all start singing “Zivela na mnogaja ljeta” her tears and emotions were the best thank you to those who were present and to CSS as organizers.

Thank you members of the CSS and thank you sister Danica for your past contributions and for being a part of us.

Zivela na mnogaja ljeta!


Aleksandra Spiric, a member of the Folklore Ensemble "Opanak" was interviewed about the Dance Groups trip to San Marcos, California in May 2015.  Listen to the interview below!

30 maj_Live Aleksandra Spiric