"Gracanica" Serbian Orthodox Church

1960 Meldrum Road ~  Windsor  Ontario 

Information Regarding Returning to In-Person Church Services

Dear brothers and sisters,

With the desire to always inform you about further plans and steps regarding the opening of our church, we inform you that we will continue to act with the blessing of our Bishop, and in accordance with local provincial laws. For your convenience we enclose the act of the Bishop, as well as the instructions of the local state authorities regarding the measures that must be taken before the opening of the church.

It is very encouraging news that most of our province is slowly but surely heading towards opening up. In that spirit, we also plan our activities and the opening of the church. In order for everything to be in accordance with the regulations, we will need the help of committed volunteers.

We believe that we would ensure the safety of believers by meeting all the requirements of the authorities, but we need dedicated volunteers who will work closely with the Board of Directors and actively participate in the implementation of all measures listed in the documents. Our goal is not only to fulfill the letter of the law, but the overall health of the faithful.

If you are able to help by volunteering and are interested in taking a more active part in the life of our church, please send your wish and contact to executive@gracanicawindsor.com. The Board of Directors will make further plans and issue instructions based on the information at its disposal.

Your contact and your help are necessary for further timely planning.

Letter from Bishop

Ontario Ministry of Health COVID 19 Religious Services Guideline

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Драга браћо и сестре, 

Са жељом да Вас увек обавештавамо о даљим плановима и корацима по питању отварања нашег храма, обавештавамо вас да ћемо и даље поступати по благослову нашег Епископа, а у складу са локалним државним законима. У прилогу Вам достављамо акт Епископа, као и упутства локалних државних власти по питању мера које морају бити предузете пре отварања храма.

Веома је охрабрујућа вест да већина наше провинције полако али сигурно иде ка отварању. У том духу и ми планирамо наше активности и отварање цркве. Но, наш циљ није само испуњавање слова закона, већ свеукупно здравље верних. Стога, да би све било у складу са прописима требаће нам помоћ посвећених волонтера.

Верујемо да бисмо осигурали безбедност верника испуњавајући све захтеве од стране надлежних, али су нам потребни посвећени волонтери који ће блиско сарађивати са Управним одбором и активно учествовати у спровођењу свих мера наведених у документима. Уколико сте у могућности да помогнете добровољним радом и заинтересовани да узмете активнијег учешћа у животу наше цркве, молимо вас да вашу жељу и контакт доставите на executive@gracanicawindsor.com. Управни одбор ће правити даље планове и издавати упутства на основу информација које буде имао на располагању.

Ваш контакт и ваша помоћ су неопходни ради даљег благовремног планирања.

Порука Владика


Psalms of hope during the Pandemic

In Psalm 41 we see that it is written by someone who has experienced the presence of God in the Temple in Jerusalem; he remembers the excitement of being close to God through His temple, and it creates a deep ache and a sense of loss because he is not there any more:

Psalm 41 (42)

As the deer longs for the springs of waters,

So my soul longs for You, O God.

3 My soul thirsts for the living God;

When shall I come and appear before the face of God?

4 My tears w ere m y bread day and night,

When they said to m e each day, “Where is y our God?”

5 I remembered these things, and poured out m y soul within me;

For I shall enter the place of the wondrous tabernacle, even the house of God,

To celebrate a festival with a voice of great joy and praise.

6 Why are you so sad, O my soul? And why do you trouble me?

Hope in God, for I will give thanks to Him;

My God is the salvation of my countenance.

We see that the writer is deeply depressed, but not despaired. The writer is thirsty for God, like a deer in the desert; he finds himself in tears twenty four hours a day; his memory of happier times makes him more sad, but also want God more. But, what the writer of the Psalm does is, he is engaging in an inner dialogue, in a prayer, and by doing that he is growing stronger: Why are you so sad, o my soul? Hope in God, for I will give thanks to Him.

Then, he remembers what it was being in the presence of God, or rather, he puts himself in the presence of God:

7 My soul within me was troubled;

Therefore I will remember You

From the land of the Jordan and Hermon,

From the small mountain.

8 Deep calls to deep at the sound of Your waterfalls;

All Your waves and billows went over me.

9 By day the Lord shall command His mercy,

And by night His ode will be with me,

A prayer to the God of my life.

10 I will say to God, “You are my protector. Why have You forgotten me?

Why do I go about with a sad face w hen m y enemies afflict me?”

11 Those w ho afflict me revile me when they break my bones,

When they speak to me each day, saying, “Where is y our God?”

12 Why are you so sad, O my soul? And why do you trouble me?

Hope in God, for I will give thanks to Him.

My God is the salvation of my countenance.

He is long way away from Jerusalem – in the Land of Jordan or up on Mount Hermon. He knows that the Lord is always with him, and he can pray to the Lord, but he feels a long way away. Being challenged from all sides of life, and taunted by his enemies with the apparent lack of any evidence for the presence of God, nevertheless, he remains faithful to God, he longs to be back in Jerusalem where he can sense God’s presence and grace, where everyone is caught up with worship and adoration, but it is in times like this that he reminds himself of hope.

Psalm 42 (43)

Judge me, O God, and pass judgment in my cause against an unholy nation;

Deliver me from the unjust and deceitful man.

2 For You, O God, are my strength;

Why do You cast me off?

Why do I go about with a sad face when my enemy afflicts me?

3 Send out Your light and Your truth;

They guided me and led me to Your holy mountain

And to Your tabernacles.

4 And I will come to the altar of God,

To the God who makes glad my youth;

I will give thanks to You with the lyre, O God, my God.

5 Why are you so sad, O my soul? And why do you trouble me?

Hope in God, for I will give thanks to Him;

My God is the salvation of my countenance.

The writer appears powerless in his own eyes and before his enemies, and God seems to have abandoned him. It is at his lowest point that he turns to pray the greater prayer (42:3): the prayer for God’s light and truth to come and find him, to lead him back to the very presence of God so that he can praise God once more. Light and truth is what you need not only when your intellect is curious and needs stimulating, but when your whole being is lost, downcast, depressed, thirsty for God.

We now know that it is the faith and cry like the one of the Psalmist that led to God’s dwelling among us, His Resurrection,  and the ultimate comfort through His Holy Spirit, Who is the Comforter and the Spirit of Truth! We know that God is with us!

In these trying times of the Corona Virus, we too are invited to exclaim with the Psalmist: Why are you so sad, O my soul? Hope in God, for I will give thanks to Him.

Carrousel@Home ~ Celebrating Culture from a Distance


The Multicultural Council is excited to have created a unique opportunity for our Community.

Join the MCC along with cultural organizations across Windsor and Essex County and dedicated regional partners for Carrousel@Home.

On Friday, June 26 and Saturday, June 27 the Multicultural Council will host our first-ever virtual celebration of culture, designed to be enjoyed from the safety and convenience of your own home. Based entirely online, this festival will showcase many of the wonderful traditions of the ethnic communities here in Windsor-Essex. For more information, visit www.carrouselofnations.com

Ethnic communities in Windsor-Essex will share music and dance performances, cooking demonstrations, and traditional presentations unique to their cultures.  Carrousel@Home has also partnered with both participating villages and local restaurants to promote their delivery, curbside, and take-out services during our event.

Our Gracanica Community has been working hard to put together and film our Serbian Village's display for Carrousel@Home. We want to thank Jelica Stevanov and Anne Dube for coordinating our efforts on behalf of the Church and Serbian Heritage Museum. We are excited to represent our Serbian Village in this unique version of our yearly event.

Participating Communities include:














Italian - Paglione




Polish - Essex

Polish - Windsor



Serbian - St. Dimitrije

Serbian - Gracanica



Carrousel@Home will stream on Facebook and Twitch on Friday, June 26 from 4pm – 8pm and Saturday, June 27 from 12pm – 8pm.

Please follow Carrousel of the Nations Multicultural Council on Facebook, Instagram and twitter for upcoming event announcements





We hope you enjoy this year's Carrousel@Home!

Information Regarding Church Services during CODID-19 Pandemic

Dear brothers and sisters,

In consideration of the recent situation regarding the spread of the COVID 19 virus, according to the instructions of the institutions qualified for infection control, and upon the blessing of His Grace, the Bishop of Canada, Kyr Mitrofan, we are informing you that in the upcoming period the Gracanica Church, in Windsor, will continue with regular worship and prayer for all, and on behalf of all of you, our parishioners, but only in the presence of the two priests.

Bearing in mind that each family, particularly now, should be a "home church". We ask all of you, throughout this time of temptation and necessity, to remain in your homes and to practice your personal and family prayers to the Lord for the salvation of mankind. Also, in order to remain in spiritual unity with one another as a community, we will make our best effort to transmit all services, in both of our churches, live through our social networks, in order that all of you can take part in worship through modern means of communication.

Divine Liturgies will be live streamed every Sunday and on Feast Days at 10am.

Therefore, for the time being, the regular worship and prayer life of our churches continues, but without the physical presence of believers. We kindly ask that you send the names of your loved ones to the following contacts for prayerful remembrance at Proskomidia to fr.vladimirv@gmail.com. These measures will remain in effect until further notice. God willing, moving forward, we will notify you of further steps in a timely manner.

Драга браћо и сестре,

Имајући у виду новонасталу ситуацију у вези са ширењем вируса COVID 19, према инструкцијама надлежних институција за сузбијање инфекције а по благослову Преосвећеног Епископа канадског господина др Митрофана, обавештавамо вас да ће се у будуће у цркви Грачаници, обављати редовна богослужења и молитве за све вас, наше парохијене, али само у присуству свештеника. Подсећајући све наше парохијане да је свака породица „црква у малом“, молимо све вас да у овом времену искушења, останете у својим кућама и да своје личне молитве за спасење људског рода, узнесете ка Господу. Такође, како би остали у духовном јединству једни са другима, потрудићемо се да све службе у обе наше цркве, преносимо уживо преко наших друштвених мрежа, тако да сви можете путем савремених средстава комуникације на овај начин узети учешћа у богослужењу.

Распоред Богослужења:

Св. Литургија – сваке недеље и на празнике у 10:00.

Дакле, редовни богослужбени и молитвени живот наших цркава се наставља, али без присуства верника. Молимо вас да имена ваших вољених за молитвено помињање на Светим Литургијма шаљете на емаил адресу fr.vladimirv@gmail.com

Ове мере остају на снази до даљњег. О даљим корацима ћемо вас обавестити накнадно.

New Land Blessing and Fundraiser

We are very excited to celebrate with the community the purchase of the New Serbian Centre Property. When circumstances allow, we plan to hold a celebratory land blessing and fundraiser banquet. 

While we wish we could see you all very soon, this event is 

Tentatively Postponed to FALL 2020.

From the Serbian Center, 50fortheFuture Fundraiser

Community Members – The Serbian Centre needs our help during these difficult times. 

Please join us in writing the stories future generations will tell and consider giving $50 for the future of the Serbian Centre.


Give $50 per person, $50 per family, whatever is in your heart to give will help us establish some certainty, amidst so much uncertainty. 

When sending your contribution, please send a picture of yourself, or family, be as creative as you wish. It can be a video, saying “I am the future of the Serbian Centre” Or holding a sign saying the same. We look forward to seeing all the familiar community faces and sharing them on Facebook as they come in. For those that are harder to reach because of social distancing, perhaps your parents or grandparents, consider going to take a picture of them on their front porch or in their front window if they would like to take part.

We believe in our community, and this Easter weekend we encourage you to share the beautiful stories that you have from our Church and our Community Centre with your families.

Click the following link to submit your information should you choose to contribute.

Serbain Centre Contribution Form

To view our fundraising video, click the image 

Please share it with your friends and family. 


To ensure all our parish records are up to date, Fr. Vladimir is requesting that parishioners of the Gracanica Church fill out a quick form.  Forms can be submitted at the church, or to any Executive Board Member.  

Thank You for your cooperation.