Very Rev Fr. Milan Jovanovic

"Gracanica" Serbian Orthodox Church

1960 Meldrum Road ~  Windsor  Ontario 


Sundays at 10:00 am

Divine Liturgy Schedule


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The Gracanica Church Board 2016, elected on January 31, 2016.
President: Peter Dobrich
1st Vice President: Nikola Zubic
2nd Vice President: Nicholas Piach
3rd Vice President: Tina Dukic
Fin. Secretary: Vuk Zubic
Treasurer: Marko Krickich
English Sec.: Denise Chuk
Serbian Sec.: Tatjana Malovic

Diocesan Delegate: Vlado Pribojan
Carrousel Chair: Vlado Pribojan
Members at Large:         
Andrew Jelich, Helen Vasilic, Peter Brujic, Luke Bogdanovic, Dusan Pribojan, Bob Brkovic

Audit Board:
Jelica Stevanov, Mirko Malovic, Lucy Kovacevic, Dragoljub Marceta, George Dragicevic   
ST. SAVA - January 30, 2016
The school’s slava is a special occasion where the children get a chance to showcase what they have learned since the start of the school year. This years’ Sveti Sava was a tremendous success! READ MORE